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Power Tools Safety And Maintenance

February 11th, 2019 | No Comments »
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Submitted by: Andrew Stratton

If you ve ever accidentally slipped and hammered your thumb instead of a nail, you are well aware that accidents happen quickly (and are quite painful). If a poorly aimed hammer can inflict so much damage, imagine what power tools like jigsaws and nail guns can do.

Power tools and useful and necessary, but when used improperly or poorly maintained, can inflict personal injury to the user or those nearby. Using them requires extra caution and care, including regular upkeep and maintenance of your tools, to ensure that a loose handle or jammed blade doesn t cause serious harm.

A few simple rules and the occasional maintenance can help reduce accidents. When using such machinery, here are some basic, common sense safety and maintenance rules to remember:

1. Wear proper clothing. This means nothing loose or hanging (including hair and jewelry) that can become tangled in moving parts. It is also important to wear goggles and sturdy gloves when necessary. And if you need glasses to read or drive, you probably should wear them when dealing with high-powered machines.

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2. Read instructions carefully, for both power tool usage and your project. Each power tool is different and instructions will vary with each brand. Understand the tool and how it s used well, and you ll cut down on many potential hazards.

3. Use the right tool for the job. Is it that surprising when you try to use a screwdriver to open a jar and you end up jamming a finger? Each device is created for a specific purpose and using it improperly is dangerous.

4. Keep your tools in a clean, dry place. Grime and moisture can clog parts and create rust. Sometimes these problems will not be visible outwardly, but can cause damage to you or the machine when used.

5. Follow basic maintenance rules. Every few months, and before you use them, check to make sure handles and blades are rust-free and tight (blades should be sharpened as well). Batteries leak and electrical cords are sometimes chewed through by rodents or become wet, so it is important to check these components regularly also.

6. Work in a safe area. Make sure that there are no tangled cords that can potentially cause someone to trip and fall. The floor should be dry and free of debris. Anyone within close range of them should also have safety awareness. That means young children should be kept away.

7. Keep others safe. You should secure them in a safe place, preferably locked-up. Children s curiosity often gets the better of them, and even the best safety training at an early age won t always keep them from getting into trouble. Older children should be given safety instructions and monitored carefully when using any power tools.

Not only will these safety tips help keep you safe, but they will help your power tools last longer. And even if you re the type to throw caution to the wind, those around you will thank you for being prudent and keeping them.

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Getting The Most From Ac Repair Services On Bainbridge Island

December 21st, 2018 | No Comments »
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byAlma Abell

The installation of a new heating and cooling system is something to celebrate. After all, that unit will keep the house comfortable in all sorts of weather, including the hot days of summer. In order to make sure the unit does provide the level of performance desired, it pays to make most of what the local AC Repair Services Bainbridge Island have to offer. This includes utilizing the offerings that have to do with maintenance as well as repairs. Here are some examples to consider.

Help with Selecting Filters

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The manufacturer of the new unit included suggestions for air filters. For many people, those suggested filters will work just fine. Homeowners with asthma or some other type of respiratory ailment may need something that does a superior job of filtering out airborne contaminants. A professional from one of the local AC Repair Services in Bainbridge Island can suggest a filter with the right rating and help the client keep the air in the home healthier.

Annual Inspections

Even during the first few years of ownership, it pays to have the system checked annually. The goal is to see if any moving parts are beginning to wear out or if something needs to be aligned or tightened. This type of service call will go a long way in spotting issues before they can develop into major and costly problems.

Help with Repairs

Working with a local service that is certified to make repairs to the unit is a must. The certification ensures that the team who manages the repairs has the proper training to do so. The best quality of work will ensure the unit operates efficiently and will continue to do so for many years to come.

For homeowners who want to set up an ongoing maintenance and upkeep program, contact the team at Quality Heating Electrical & AC today. Ask about their service contracts and what types of benefits are included. After reviewing the range of support provided by those agreements, it will be a simple for the homeowner to decide this approach is the best way to keep the unit running and make the most of what the local service provider has to offer.

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