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Top 5 Things To Know Before You Buy A Teenage Retreat

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Top 5 Things To Know Before You Buy A Teenage Retreat


Donna Lyon

These days, more and more kids are choosing to stay at home longer. Increasingly high rent, along with the pressure to save money whilst studying or saving for their own home, can be too much for teenagers or young adults to take on as soon as they finish high school. Unfortunately for the parents, having your kids stay at home for too long can be a nightmare! Teenage Retreats / sleepouts are now a popular option for families to help solve this problem. They are bigger than just adding on an extra room to your existing home structure and a more economical option than buying a granny flat.

If you are thinking of adding a teenage retreat to your property, it is best to spend some time researching to avoid some of the common pitfalls. Importantly, there are three things you should know before you buy a teenage retreat, and the following tips will help you along your way….

1. Building Permits for Teenage Retreats.

Teenage Retreats are a fully self contained home extension, that is built on the same plot of land that your main home is. The good news is that you can share your backyard area with plenty of room still left. However, buying a teenage retreat means you will require a building permit, so contact your local council to inform them of what you are doing. The smartest option is to get the professional builders you use to not only install your teenage retreat, but to organise everything, from building permits to council approval to any government levy that may be required. In fact, this is often included in the price and you can be guaranteed to get a teenage retreat for well under $30,000 that is fully installed and ready to go with all the permits, if you use the right company. When you or the company you use, organises a building permit, your teenage retreat will go through as an extension to an existing dwelling whereas a granny flat will go through as a DPU (dependant persons unit).

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2. Will It Fit In My Backyard?

When looking to buy a teenage retreat, the first thing you need to check is that you have enough space for this sleepout. Firstly, measure up the area you are intending on building, draw a sketch, measure from all the boundaries (fences, pools, house, trees) and mark this down. Although this seems like a complex process, it will make life a lot easier later on when choosing your teenage retreat design. Make sure that you are a minimum of one metre from all fences and note that there are some occasions when you might need to be two metres from the fence.

3. Choosing the Right Company

So you now know the most important things to consider when looking for teenage retreats, which means you can start looking for a reliable and experienced company to build it for you. The best thing is to start looking at teenage retreat designs that will suit your needs. Some companies will let you design your own teenage retreat if you cannot find what you are after. When looking at designs, look for simple layouts, the simpler the design, the more affordable it will be. Make sure you have enough space in the rooms and work through the list to make sure it has everything that you need. You might even consider looking at building a teenage retreat yourself. Find a company that also sells kit teenage retreats as these will be prefab and will save on cost. When it comes to prices, make sure that the building permit, home warranty insurance, plans and specification as well as the unit and installation are all included in your overall teenage retreat price.

4. Choosing the Right Design

Sleepouts can range from one bedroom and ensuite to studio style. Some teenage retreats can come with a bar area, which includes sink and cupboard. There are plenty of designs on the market, but importantly you will want to look for quality built timber, modern and attractive designs on the market. This will boost the sale of your existing property when you eventually decide to sell. Functionality is of course, another prerequisite.

5. Will It Have a Bathroom Or Kitchen?

As a full kitchen is not allowed you will need to look for a company that has an alternative solution, such as a bar area. If you were to go a full kitchen or any kitchen then you will need to obtain a building permit as a DPU. Most teenage retreats will have simple bathrooms that include a shower, toilet and vanity area. A teenage retreat is a bungalow style building that needs to be dependant on the main dwelling, eg. for the use of the kitchen and laundry. Smaller teenage retreats can come with or without a bathroom and you can always add internal walls. There are many options to choose from, so make sure you ask to see the full range from the company you choose to go with.

As you can see there are a few logistics that need to be sorted before you buy your teenage retreat. If you bear in mind these three tips then the process should be rather easy. These self contained homes come in many different designs and can be interior decorated any way you like, giving you complete freedom to use whatever colours, finishes and materials you like. Bigger than an extra room, the teenage retreats on the market are an economical and easy solution if you want to get the kids out of the house, but not have them stray too far…

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