Choosing All Season Tires When Buying New Tires}


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Choosing All Season Tires When Buying New Tires



When buying new tires for your vehicle, you might want to opt for all season tires. They come in all sizes and can fit the smallest cars as well as light trucks, SUVs and pickups.

New tires, especially all season tires, are definitely not cheap tires. This is all the more reason to go for the more cost effective choice. All season tires are more cost effective because you need not get different sets of tires for different times of the year. They perform better for various road and weather conditions with year-round traction. They are also known for giving a more comfortable ride and having long tread lives. No wonder they are considered standard for almost all new cars and new light trucks. They are also the choice of the majority for replacement tires.

The new all season tires have to be well taken care of, though. Tire installation should not be something you would do on your own. This requires expertise and special equipment for proper alignment and balancing. Leave your tire installation to the experts for your own safety.

The new all season tires should always be kept properly inflated. The four tires need to be rotated according to the manufacturers instructions to ensure even wear. This will also make the new tires last longer.

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When driving, keep away from rough roads, unfinished roads and rocky roads to keep your new all season tires fresh longer. Do not run into curbs. Neither should you speed through curves nor take corners sharply. Also avoid jackrabbit starts, quick stops and hard stops. If you do not take this advice to heart, your new all season tires will show tread wear much earlier and you will have to replace them sooner.

When buying new all season tires, check the Uniform Tire Quality (UTQG) tread-wear grades on their sidewalls. These are supposed to state how long the new tires should last. Some tests have shown, however, that tire manufacturers sometimes overstate or underestimate these numbers. They should, therefore, be considered only as loose guidelines. The tread-wear warranty is a better gauge. Make sure it states that the manufacturer will reimburse the price you paid for the new tires if they do not meet the tire life claims. On the average tread wear warranties range from 65,000 to 100,000 miles.

No matter how high the quality of new all season tires, you must remember that rubber will inevitably deteriorate with time. Several car manufacturers, including Ford, BMW, Mazda, DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen recommend not keeping your tires for more than six years. Longer than that, they could be safety risks. The maximum life of tires should be ten years. Even before that, your all season tires should be regularly checked for bulges, cuts and overall wear.

All season tires are always being developed and improved, though, and new releases of tires are more responsive to vehicle owners needs.

You may also actually get all season used truck tires in Tampa FL. These are not very cheap tires but they are definitely cheaper than new tires. Used tires are only a good choice for trucks, though, because only truck tires can be retread. And for used tires, only retreads are really reliable. Car tires are not cost effective to retread, though. Luckily, retread used all season truck tires can be found in Tampa FL.

It could be pointed out that winter tires still have the best grip on snow and ice in severe winter conditions. Once the roads have been cleared, though, all season tires have better grip. All season tires are still the better choice overall except in extreme weather.

So for new car tires, new truck tires or even used truck tires, choose all season tires in Tampa FL.

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Choosing All Season Tires When Buying New Tires }


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