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byAlma Abell

Just like automobiles, car repairs come in all shapes and sizes. There are simple things like broken belts and busted hoses to more complex problems such as worn out engines and slipping transmissions. Owning an older vehicle may familiarize you with the need for frequent repairs, but even new cars can break down now and then. For most people the toughest decision to make when their car breaks down is where to take it for repairs. You can usually find mechanics all over the place, but smart shops like Shirley Duke Shell Center readily invite you to Visit their website and learn more about them.

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Auto Service in Alexandria is mostly a matter of locating a specific problem and replacing the required parts. In more detailed repairs the mechanic will need to know specific tensions for bolts and any required adjustments for certain parts. For example, on carburetor based fuel systems the mechanic needs to adjust fuel flow for the engine to run properly. Likewise, tuning an engine requires adjusting timing specifications, adjusting ignition and spark plug settings as well as replacing any worn parts.

Our cars are made from a series of very critical systems and one of the most important of these systems is the vehicle’s brakes. In most cases there are no indicators for worn brakes. The brake light in the dash is generally an indicator of a parking brake locked or a serious sign that the brakes don’t work at all. The first real indicators you may have include a pedal that is mushy or has a longer than normal action before the brakes operate or you can hear a grating sound when you apply the brakes. In most cases the noise will come from the front brakes as they take most of the load when the car stops. This is one of the reasons so many cars used disk brakes on only the front for so many years.

Other uses for Auto Service in Alexandria, VA include muffler and exhaust repair and replacement, lube and oil changes and air conditioning repairs. However, one of the most neglected parts on many cars is the automatic transmission. Many shops don’t repair them and few of them even offer to service an automatic transmission. Like any part in the car the automatic transmission needs regular maintenance including fluid replenishment and the occasional fluid change and filter cleaning.

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