Gingivectomy Vs Gingivoplasty


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Gingivectomy Vs Gingivoplasty


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Gums are usually overlooked by people. Most of them do not consider the worth of these particular dental components. What most people don t actually know is that the gums are the ones responsible for holding teeth in place. Without them, teeth would most certainly fall out or wobble every time they come in contact with anything. The only time gums get noticed is when people experience complications with them.

A persistent problem with the gingiva or gums is the one thing that causes people to give these things more attention. Some dental diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis damage a person s gums. More often than not, these issues make gums recede, exposing the portions of the teeth which aren t supposed to be visible.

Showing too much teeth because of gum recession is also very unattractive. To combat this, dentists perform procedures known as gingivectomies and gingivoplasties to repair any irregularities. These are two separated dental treatments which most people usually mistake as having the same meaning and function.

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Gingivoplasty is more of a cosmetic dentistry procedure. It focuses more on the beautification of the teeth s physical aspect. However, it can also be used for functional repairs. An

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usually combines this with the other gum treatments, especially when a patient s gum lines are not aligned.

Gingivectomy is another gum repair procedure an

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conducts. It involves removing excess and infected gingiva. In addition, it can close pockets which may have formed from past bouts of periodontitis. Sometimes, this treatment doesn t require the reformation of gums. However, if the patient prefers having his or her gum lines symmetrical, then gingivoplasty would be performed.

Gingivoplasty might be the best option if one wants to adjust the volume, length, and shape of one s gums. It is what an

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would conduct for more minor cases. There are more to these procedures than just remodeling a patient s gum lines. They also promote general dental healthcare which helps not only the gingiva, but the entire teeth and oral wellbeing of a person. Learn how to appreciate your gums if they re healthy and perfect, not everyone enjoys the same good fortune as you.

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